Water is the most important thing we should intake throughout the day. No one can survive without water. Our body is even made of water, 2/3 to be more precise! Every single organ, tissue and cell is made from water and depends on it, so it’s extremely important that we intake lots of water.

Water helps us to keep normal temperature in our body, helps in the process of digestion, lubricates the eyes and joints, helps us to removetoxins and keeps our skin healthy.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how important it is to drink water, so that we could replenish it, because we lose water every day through our life processes.

People who have the highest risk of dehydrating include diabetics, sports people as well as burn victims.

We should all be aware that our body always sends us signs for dehydration, but we just have to know which they are, recognize them and grab a glass of water!



Headaches are usually the first sign when we lack water. This means that our body has less fluid in the brain, so our brain becomes prone to unpleasant issues.

Our brain pushes the skull when its fluid is reduced. Dehydrating not only means less water, but also less blood flow as well as less oxygen to our brain.


Even our brain contains water! It’s made of 90% of water. When we lack water, our brain will definitely show it. The first signs are usually cognitive problems or mood swings.

Some of the other problems it may present are: reduced short term memory, tracking visual and motor, arithmetic capabilities, perception differences, psychomotor skills for every age group etc.

Some of the mood changes it will present are: exhaustion, anger, confusion and hyper-energy.


Dehydration also destroys our overall physical condition and can damage our heart. When someone has less water than necessary, the plasma becomes reduced in volume and the blood is more viscous. This especially disturbs our heart rate, but also our blood flow.

Dehydration is one of the main causes for imbalance of the minerals which can later lead to hypotension, for example, if we have low potassium and low sugars, we’ll experience a palpitation.


When we lack water e.g. we’re dehydrated, our body makes less saliva which is antibacterial. It causes bad breath because bacteria grow more.

The saliva is very important for our oral health because it has the ability to protectour teeth from cavities or decay. It also makes a protection layer to clean them from food remains between teeth.


Water is necessary for good digestion. It breaks down the food we eat, so that’s how we get all the nutrients we need. Water-soluble vitamin like vitamin C and B should be dissolved, so it’s good when water breaks them.

Water lubricates our digestive organs and keeps our whole system clean and flexible which means we’re going to have clean bowels and no constipation. Also other symptoms of dehydration are indigestion and heart burn.


In case you crave for a lot of food, just take a glass of water! In this way, our body fails to send a message to the brain about thirst, so it just signals it as hunger.

All of the nutrients or organs (like for example, the liver) cannot work properly without water. Water is necessary for them so that they could release glycogen from energy reserves which makes us crave for food.

When our body has a problem with glycogen making, sweet cravings occur.


Our joint cartilages are made from 80% water. When we’re dehydrated, our bones grind with each other and cause pain. One of the minerals that are very important for our body can also cause pain and cramps in the leg muscles and that’s low magnesium.


Our blood volume decreases and hypertension occurs when we lack water. Our heart needs energy to send to the brain, muscles, skin, because they all need oxygen and nutrients, so it expands more. This is what makes us lethargic and tired, so you must remember to drink water!


Elastic skin is healthy skin. Our skin is the biggest organ and it needs a lot of water to be elastic.

If we don’t intake enough water, we can’t get rid of all the toxins by sweating. This also means that we can’t remove oil or dirt from our skin. Dehydration causes more acne, psoriasis or eczema, but also very dry and chapped lips.


Our kidneys are among the most important organs. They are necessary to maintain our fluid balance. Our urine should be clear to yellow when we intake sufficient amounts of water. Then our body contains enough water so that it can remove all the harmful toxins.

When we don’t intake enough water, our urine becomes darker. In this case our kidneys lack water and cannot keep good mineral balance or blood pressure.

Dark urine is never good because it contains too much toxins and harmful matters which should be removed. There’s also a condition called chronicdehydration when our kidneys store too much toxins and create kidney stones.

So, now we know how important it is to drink water! Help your organism by making it healthy! Drink more water!

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