Headache is one of the most common occurrence in our everyday life. Mostly people get headaches because of the fast way of live we use to practice today but before you try any pills to get rid of the headache, we give u these few tricks of how to get rid from it in just one minute.


Pencil – When we are anxious and stressed, often subconsciously we grit our teeth, thus tiring the muscle that connects the jaw to the temple, which results in a headache. To prevent this, simply bite a wooden pencil. It will interfere with the work of the jaws and relaxes them, and thus prevent pain.

Mint – If you are having problems with sinusitis and allergies, massage your forehead with essential oil of mint. In hand put a little olive or baby oil and a few drops of essential oil. With your fingers mix and apply it on the forehead, and gently massage the area beside the nose and temples with circular strokes. It should last a minute, but if you want you can take some time.

Acupressure – Acupressure is an ancient technique using specific points on the body that can reduce or solve a lot of pain. Find your place at the top of the palm where the thumb and index are linked. Hit the post with a slow circular stroke and massage the area for a period of one minute or longer.

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