By all evidence tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can have.However its health impact depends on our blood type . This are the best combinations.

Blood Group A
These are emotional and analytical people prone to stress .  So for people with blood type A:Taiwanese green tea also called Gunpowder, pure jasmine tea flower with the combination of jasmine and green tea Ying Hao, marigold and thyme  will work perfect.teateaBlood type B
People with blood type B have a slower metabolism , skolni toward autoimmune diseases , obesity , lethargy and anxiety . They need green tea , organic green rooibos or red without accessories to freshen and nakrenat body .

Blood type AB
These members are not intuitive and are prone to stress but have decreased libido . You should focus on specific types of mint green tea , peony , sandalwood and yellow tea . The mixture of green tea and mint is especially recommended for these people , also a mixture of nettles and mint will work good .

Blood type 0
People who have zero blood type should avoid milk and gluten . Although these good people cope with stress , often troubled by stomach acid . The teas are recommended for these people based on ginger. The ideal choice will be a mixture of ginger and pure Japanese green tea Sancho.

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